Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm not a fan, Elon.

People from your company SpaceX have visited this site- many times over the years. 
I have the receipts. I just have to dig up the screenshots.

You have so many fanboys now, but I am not, nor will I ever be one. You're soulless.

By the way, who did you broker a deal with in tech commercialization on this? Who were the beta test subjects? Your black sedan friends have all kinds of sources. Just sayin'... 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ok, I have clearance to talk about this.

Dunno if this is fake, a trick, what: but....

There was a melee on the moon yesterday. Deaths happened.

A battle between special forces (Yes, US) and Alpha Centaurans - or was it Zeta Reticulans? The two names keep getting jumbled up.

This could all be BS or even code, I dunno. Or... and this is the thing people can't wrap their heads around...

--it could be real. 

The US "Special Marshal to Earth" showed up?????

This is crazy information, please bear with me. I am recording what I am receiving as information, no more no less.  I have experienced a lot of interference and harassment in my life, and this could just be yet another group of individuals messing with me, testing out the latest hardware on a human test subject. #Disclaimer #ForEntertainmentPurposesOnly

But even if it is, I want to record this to show you how they try to create and manufacture scenarios for psychological manipulation, if that is what it is (probably for defense initiatives/mind control budgets for intel if THAT is what it is.) There are some things I am deliberately leaving out of this account that is not secure information about yesterday however that leads me to think this may not be just a psyop/testing the newest software. Just FYI. 

They extracted bodies and prisoners from Earth being held there against their will/abducted from US Special Forces and Black Projects to work as slave labor over there. The Zetas are not friendly, I have always had pleasant interactions with Alphas, BUT, AGAIN, this could have changed and/or my interactions could have been with Alphas who were not party line/not Alphas who hated humans. That was also two timelines ago. 

I don't know who these people/humanoids are, but they are evil and they are mining the moon for resources and they use humans (who they hate) for special projects so they don't have to risk their life/lives. 

It is prison conditions- worse than. The oxygen levels are low in the cabins on purpose to keep people monitored and weak and then they add oxygen to their "tents" when they need them for gigs. Feed them, get them rested up, then throw them into the gig. The human mines, brings them back ??? I don't know what, and then passes it on to an alien who inspects it, gives it back to them, tells them to polish it with industrial materials (again, I don't know what) and extracts it to "Moon Base" they are telling me. 

The whole mining operation took months, 20 people were abducted, the Marines were involved with the extraction and rescue effort. They succeeded. They pissed off a lot of Marines, so! 
A lot of deaths happened. 


The alien forces presence is significantly weakened and YES, US troops in those situations DO HAVE matching or equivalent firepower/technology to the aliens. Don't ask me how that happens. But you do also have quite a few funds missing from the military budgets of earth, don't you?

Sent the aliens with their tails between their legs to either a grave, morgue, or outer space. Their numbers were greatly reduced/dismantled and the operation was a success.

This sets the stage for colonization of the Moon. 
May we never engage like this in any other skirmish ever again.

God bless whomever did this, whatever this was. I hope it was good for humanity and all parties involved- if it was even real...

This post may be leverage, I had A LOT of interference last night after my last post. Ahem. Not sayin', just sayin'... The NSA is rapidly losing friends. Maybe THEY are the alien and this is all a metaphor! But... I doubt it.



Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why We Fight~

I just got word that the aliens won!

Just kidding. '-) 

Thank you, I guess? If this isn't more Project mess? I heard that's falling apart, but that could be more false intel as well. I don't think *I'm* false intel, though...

and that's what scares people...

Hi, James Woolsey! How's your NSA git you hired to spy on me?

Oh yes, it goes there. 



Sunday, December 31, 2017

Rejoice, for the End is Near ~

I don't know what else to say. You made your bed, you're sleeping in it. I don't know what's going on here, but your time is up, asshole. You had your chance. You had many chances. You stood by and watched it happen. You stabbed me in the back. Many times. You threw me under a bus, too. A couple of times. Oh so many ways to betray another human. And now you want "retribution"? 
No. No. 

Make your bed. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Have You Ever Retired A Human By Mistake?

I found out some interesting facts today that really weren't that surprising! But the "coincidences" I just "happen" to come upon certainly are interesting, aren't they?

And the timing?

 Sandia is VERY PROUD of its status, ladies and gents!

You see, Sandia JUST HAPPENS TO BE the "sole supplier of microelectronics to the nuclear stockpile" -- OH, and "other national security customers since 1975". That's very interesting. 1975, huh? Right around the same time I had that thing on the back of my tooth implanted in me without my consent, conscious free will or knowledge! Effectively to be made a slave to your "science" for the rest of my life! Or should I say "wrest"? 😀 There's nuclear in them thar hills she says! Apparently they provide very specific nanotech and microelectronics for private industry and do the stuff no one else can do! Like I said, so proud of themselves!

It's just interesting, because, well, I just happen to have biometric sensors in my body, and you say "Anya, why would you say that? What do "Radiation hardened microelectronics" have to do with your silly biometric sensors? "

Sandia's involved with microsystems! I'm ESPECIALLY interested in MESA. I just think it's so neat.  Apparently it's like a Biker Chop Shop for anyone who wants hard to find microelectronics CUSTOM made! On account of Sandia is the SOLE PROVIDER! No reason otherwise or connected to that if at all why the Department of Energy would be involved with my story. Or Nuclear Laboratories. Or Los Alamos (also connected to the Department of Energy) and Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, the former head of the UK Atomic Energy Authority who allegedly hawks little itty bitty teensy weensey nuclear reactors for underground bases to power them... I mean really! What would nuclear microsystems have to do with human biosensors and implants? Hmmmm...???
What secrets...?

It does make the mind wonder...

Do you see a standing ovation in the works? 

Hi, hi!


Twisting in the wind... Turning... Funny how Turning sounds like Turing! Oh, what they did to him. He didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

Oh, my fate. Oh well.

We'll see!... 😀


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good

One goes in just as another gets out... '-)

I have to say something about it: you have it coming to you. All of you.